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Absolut Nights

"Nights By Absolut" is an ambitious project from the creative minds at Absolut that brings together art, design, performance, and explosive light shows for events all over the world Known for almost mythical tales of transformative experiences that take place during a night out in Berlin, the German city was the perfect place to stage "Nights By Absolut."

The event took place at Kraftwerk, a former power station in the Mitte district of Berlin, the area that birthed the city's storied nightlife in the early '90s after the fall of the Berlin Wall. While guests were directed to wear black to become "part of the experience," many were adorned in shiny patches of material or large, geometrical accessories made of dozens of cut mirrors. Designed by Studio XO, these 3D-printed wearables took on a new life when the laser show started, an intense experience from all sides that bounced off (and even came from) the audience, creating a call-and-response of light, movement, and energy.

Levitation 29's Benjamin developed the original concept of the laser garments with Nancy Tilbury and built the first prototype with his technology team. He and his team further developed the laser modules, integrating a wireless control system developed by Ash Wireless which enabled them to accurately control the laser beams in time with the music. Benjamin was interviewed with Nancy for the 'making of' film and by a local radio station. 

Year: 2016
Client: Absolut
For XO in collaboration with Prettybird

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