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Call Of Duty
'Black Out House'

Ahead of the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, members of the Call of Duty community in London received a once-in-a-lifetime experience by playing Black Ops 4 in the Black Ops House, a room where almost 100% of the natural light is absorbed due to the special Vantablack coating creating the world’s darkest room in an actual blackout.

Professional Footballer Dele Alli was amongst those to enter Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the Black Ops House. “It was a great experience playing Black Ops in the blackout environment, it felt like I was in the game. I wish I could get my own blackout room!” he said.

Along with Alli were several other members of the Call of Duty community who also got to experience Black Ops 4 in total Blackout along with content creators like Syndicate, ZerkaaHD and Vikkstar123.

The Black Ops House was created in partnership between Activision and Surrey NanoSystems, with Asif Khan, an award-winning London-based design studio, creating the structure right in the heart of London.

Levitation 29 was commissioned by Surrey NanoSystems to collaborate on the concept creation, creative and technical development, planning and delivery of the influencer marketing campaign for Activision's latest Call of Duty release. 

Working with the award winning Asif Khan Architects as well as TV and film set design specialists SuperSets, Benjamin from L29 helped to design and deliver the temporary structure at London's Printworks venue, developing a Vantablack coating strategy where the team turned half of a large warehouse into a fully ventilated spray booth.

Year: 2018
Client: Activision 
For Surrey NanoSystems

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