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For Those Who Drive

To celebrate the launch of their 2015 Q70L automobile, Infiniti collaborated with some like-minded innovators to create something never seen before. They documented their work in a series of short films called “For Those With Drive”. 

The first film featured the London-based fashion-tech company Studio XO, best known for their work with Lady Gaga and creating the world’s first flying dress. For Infiniti, Studio XO created a Q70L-inspired jacket that could measured the driver’s physiological and emotional data which was used to generate real-time visuals that were projected onto massive screens either side of the test vehicle.

Levitation 29 developed the initial concept with the XO creative team and lead the innovation and prototyping of the wearable sensing and display jacket. He also managed the development of several sensors that were placed on the test automobile used in the commercial. Benjamin from Levitation 29 featured in the Commercial which was aired on US TV as well as online.

Year: 2014
Client: Infiniti
For XO in collaboration with Prettybird

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