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Vantablack Monolith

Gesaffelstein’s ascetic and apocalyptic sounds paired perfectly with the Vantablack VBx2 monolith at Coachella and as he played the first date of his 2019 Requiem tour. In a performance that resonated in the space between the audio and visual, breaking new ground for live music, audiences were totally immersed in the experience.


Gesaffelstein appeared to float against the Vantablack monolith, a mesmerising two-dimensional black void, as he played out to the heaving crowd. During the performance, the monolith separated into two vertical halves exposing a high-resolution LED display. The contrast of light and super dark was so intense that spectators struggled to photograph it.

Benjamin from Levitation 29 worked with the senior team at Live nation France and Production Resources Group (PRG) in the US to develop a design for a tour-able stage set. The 10m high monolith could be broken down and transported on specially designed dollies. It was designed so that it could be handled without needing to touch the Vantablack coated surface and therefore prevent damage. Benjamin worked closely with the Scientists at Surrey NanoSystem to develop a coating strategy which resulted in a team being sent over to PRG's New Windsor facility where they coated the curved panels in PRG's large spray booth.


Year: 2018
Client: Live Nation France
In collaboration with Surrey NanoSystems and Production Resources Group

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