Vantablack Monolith


A Vantablack monolith for the techno DJ and Producer Gesaffelstein for Coachella 2019 and his US tour. Designed in collaboration with Surrey NanoSystems, Livenation France and Production Resources Group through Levitation 29.


Gesaffelstein’s set featured a monolith design, the concave side of a 40 ft. high scenic build was coated in VBx2 to create the illusion of infinite depth and blackness, simulating a black hole on stage.Surrey NanoSystems, Production Resource Group (PRG), Livenation France and Levitation 29 collaborated closely on the design to maximise the coatings super-black effect. Engineered in Europe, sprayed in New York and tested in Las Vegas; the automated monolith structure, reminiscent of a vortex, opens to reveal another automated wall in high resolution LED and a light wall hiding a solid column of strobes. At the Coachella performance, the contrast of light and super-dark was so intense that spectators struggled to photograph it, Gesaffelstein appeared to float against the Vantablack monolith.