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58th Grammy Awards

A groundbreaking moment for Grammy viewers and fans worldwide, the performance incorporated Intel technologies to bring to life Lady Gaga’s vision for a truly worthy and memorable celebration of a legend’s life and career.

With stunning visuals and interactive content that responded in real time to Lady Gaga’s every movement and command, the combined team took unprecedented risks in this live performance to give the artist the ability to express herself in a new dimension.

Levitation 29's Benjamin and XO worked with Lady Gaga and her team alongside Intel's wearable technology team to develop and deliver this one of a kind performance.

Benjamin helped bridge the gap between the highly technical team at Intel and the creative teams at Haus of Gaga and XO and helped to shape a technical toolbox which was ultimately crafted into a stand-out performance that was seen by millions worldwide


Year: 2016
Client: Intel
For XO and In collaboration with Intel and The Haus of Gaga

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