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The Tinkerbell Dress

British designer Richard Nicoll opened his London Fashion Week catwalk show with a show-stopping dress inspired by the magic of Disney's Tinkerbell. The designer collaborated with London-based fashion and technology company Studio XO, an innovator in the integration of seamless light-based technology in fabrics and clothing. The dress was made from fibre-optic fabric activated by high-intensity LEDs embedded within it.

​The result threw an ethereal light across a darkened catwalk, mimicking what journalists and fashion insiders are now calling a ‘Tinker Bell glow’ thanks to its fairy inspiration (Disney sponsored the show). The dress is equally subtle and wearable in daylight, with a shimmering finish.   


Benjamin came up with the concept for the Tinkerbell dress with Richard Nicoll while thinking of ways to create the feeling of fairy dust in a garment. 

The dress gained much critical acclaim, Forbes suggesting that it may be the "First Example of Beautiful Wearable Technology". The Dress was later commissioned  by the Museum of Modern Art for the "Is Fashion Modern?" exhibition.

Year: 2014
Client: Richard Nicoll
For XO in collaboration with Disney and The Fashion Innovation Agency

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