PRG and Levitation 29 Join Forces with Surrey NanoSystems to Bring Vantablack® Super-Black Coatings to the Stage and Screen

We are very excited to announce our partnership with PRG and Surrey NanoSystems to bring Vantablack to Global audiences in live entertainment and media. We will be working closely with the team at PRG to develop new products and to deliver game-changing projects which will utilise the magical capabilities of the world's darkest material.

In the coming weeks we will be announcing our Vantablack demonstration space at PRG's New Jersey Digital Studio in Secaucus where we will be showcasing Vantablack’s unique properties to seed the imaginations of designers, content creators, filmmakers and DPs, and experiential agencies. The space will provide a first-hand experience of the impact that can be achieved when standard black is replaced with Vantablack.


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